The Life and Death of Caesar

All animals have intrinsic value - their lives, well-being and happiness are no more/less important to them as ours are to us. It is the true nature of all sentient life.

That is why we (humans) have a moral obligation to care for animals especially those who exist because humans brought them into being. Caring for a companion animal is, and should be, a commitment for the life of that animal. Far too often, however, millions of companion animals every year are abandoned, returned to breeders, sold on-line, dumped at shelters and saved by selfless, 100% volunteer organizations like Great Dane Angels.

Some dogs are surrendered late in life and suffer from various maladies that prove to be either fatal and/or diminish the number of homes capable of caring for a special needs animal. Such was the case for Caesar.

Caesar came to Great Dane Angels in the Spring of 2017, was assessed and put into one of their foster homes. It was immediately obvious that Caesar had challenges walking. This was either a neurological issue or bio-mechanical issue. Either way, he found it difficult to walk, run and was limited in his mobility. The one thing that was very clear from the get-go: Caesar was an absolute sweetheart! He had a heart of gold and always greeted new people very well, albeit with a little trepidation at first. Nonetheless, he warmed up quickly and consistently revealed himself to be the genuinely, gentle dog he was. I won't say he was "special" necessarily, because frankly all living, sentient beings are special. Each one unique and deserving of moral concern.

Unfortunately, during his time in foster Caesar's condition began to deteriorate. His mobility declined further, his control of his bowels and bladder were worsening and his eye-sight began to fail. No one really wanted Caesar. There were a few nibbles but no bites. Finally, the unavoidable conclusion was reached that Caesar would have to be euthanized. Part of the moral obligations we have to animals is to reduce their suffering and mitigate their pain when there is no remedy and no hope left. It is sad and heartbreaking but the nature of rescuing sometimes involves making very difficult decisions. And I can personally attest to the fact that for Great Dane Angels, euthanizing a dog in their care is the very, very rare exception.

What makes these moments hard is that a dog like Caesar is innocent. He was like a child, dependent on a companion for food, shelter, love and well-being. All any companion animal craves other than the basic necessities, is love and a kind, compassionate stroke of the hand. To play. To run.

Caesar's date of death is today, Saturday, Sept. 2nd, 2017. He was 6 years old. I am very sad about his demise. How I wish he could have had a loving forever-home to live out his life.

And how I wish all the shelters were empty, how all the rescue organizations had no more dogs to save, how animals were no longer sold for profit and bragging rights by those immersed in usurping natural selection for frivolous aesthetics and arbitrary, physical attributes. Maybe one day, perhaps.

But until that day happens, it is critical to support rescue organizations like Great Dane Angels. Even if one cannot adopt a dog, a donation can help save the lives of so many, free up room for others to be rescued and address the needs of the abused, neglected and unwanted. Please donate today in honour of Caesar. You can make a donation here:

Any amount will help buy food, essential veterinary care and transporting countless numbers of dogs from bad situations.

Today is a very sad day. We'll miss you Caesar! Rest in peace good boy.