Below are details and photos of Great Danes currently seeking their forever home. It is important to note that sometimes not all of our dogs are listed here. So please feel free to Contact Us and we can advise of any additional dogs that are currently being evaluated or are in transit.


I have been waiting patiently for my forever home. I am in need of a rural home with lots of room to run. I'm not that fond of children. I am good with cats and dogs however. I am 2-1/2 years old and I am a Dane/Mastiff cross. I'm neutered and up to date on all of my shots. My foster dad has been working really hard with me on my manners and meeting people. I am a very tight bonding boy and love my people. With proper introductions thanks, to my foster dad, I am meeting people much better now.


Hi, my name is Max! I just came in to the Great Dane Angels foster system. I'm currently being assessed. Please watch for updates on me here and on GDA's Facebook page.


Hi my name is Tiny. I'm new to Great Dane Angels and I'm in foster right now. My name fits me. I'm only 95 lbs so I'm tiny! I am a 3 year old female and I have been spayed. I am good with dogs and cats. I have not really had any experience being around small children. My fosters say I am very "loveable" . . . . yeah, that's true!. If you are interested in me, please feel free to contact GDA. I am looking for my forever home!


Hi my name is Mac. I am a Dane/Shepard cross. I am 3 years old and I am neutered and up to date on all of my shots. I visited with some people from Great Dane Angels today before moving on to my foster home. I had so much fun as you can see by the pictures. I met all of their fur babies while I was there. I was nervous at first but I realized that they wouldn't hurt me. I was very curious but cautious. I met some smaller fur babies too but they weren't scared of me at all!! I am also a talker when I want your attention. I have energy but running and playing will help with that. I know my basic commands and I come when I am called. I am a very sweet happy and happy boy. Everyone here thinks that I am a big boy too. Please keep watching for updates of all of my adventures with my foster family!