Below are details and photos of Great Danes currently seeking their forever home. It is important to note that sometimes not all of our dogs are listed here. So please feel free to Contact Us and we can advise of any additional dogs that are currently being evaluated or are in transit.


We are convinced that there is a home out there for every Dane and Piper is in need of a very special home. Piper has been waiting for a while now. Piper is a spayed Dane/Mastiff cross. This little bundle of joy is almost 2 years old now. Piper is in need of a rural home with little to no company. She is best suited to be in a home with no other dogs but is great with cats. Children in the home is not recommended. It takes time for Piper to warm up to people so it is necessary for her to be muzzled when meeting people until she gets to know her company after a few visits. If you think you have the perfect home please consider giving this amazing little girl a wonderful forever home of her own.


Aiken, age 2, is a new arrival to Great Dane Angels! Not yet available for adoption, this light brindle boy is currently being assessed in his foster home while receiving routine vet care (vaccinations, rabies, neuter) and a healthy diet. Stay tuned for more details on this gorgeous fella! Stay tuned!!!


Hi everyone! My name is Nella. I'm a 7 years young girl and a Dane/Mastiff cross. I am having so much fun!! My foster family lives on a farm and I am loving it here. They tell me I am really good at cuddling and I love the water. My foster mom has been working on my recall and some other commands and says I'm doing really well with them. I've got lots of friends and they grow fish on the farm!! The first day here I jumped in one of the big fish tanks to go swimming! My foster family had to jump in and get me out. Did I mention that I like the water! Everyone laughed and I figured out I shouldn't jump in there anymore.


We have a very special girl in need of a very special home. Naya is 9 years young and is looking for a forever home. Because of her age we are wanting to find her a forever home right away without stressing her by removing her from her home. A foster to adopt home would be great as well. Naya is not great with small children and is fine meeting strangers but is not that great with other dogs. Naya has no issues with cats and is actually afraid of them. We are looking for a quiet home for Naya to spend her remaining senior years. If anyone is interested in this special girl please go to our website and fill out an inquiry and then we will send you an application.


Six beautiful puppies (four females and two males) needed help in finding a forever home. These babies are almost six months old. The Great Dane Angels Family all pulled together and six fantastic pre-approved adopters stepped forward to enrich their lives with one of these gentle souls. Thank you so much to our volunteers for all of your efforts in finding them ALL homes. It is wonderful experiences like this that renews our passion in rescue! We would like to give a special thanks to Bob, his wife Linda and a very special friend of theirs by the name of Gary for all of their tremendous love and eagerness to help Great Danes. Without Gary it would have been very difficult for Bob on his own to help this many puppies. Bob and Gary went above and beyond helping us with transport and caring for these beautiful babies until their new forever families arrive and pick them up. If it wasn't for people like Bob and our volunteers we could not do what we do. Stay tuned for updates of these six beautiful fur babies with their forever families. ALL FOR THE LOVE OF DANES


Hi my name is Hollywood and I am new to Great Dane Angels. I am a 4 1/2 girl and I am spayed and will be needing my shots right away so I will be getting those very soon. I am also deaf and you would never know it but I can see just fine. I just arrived at my temporary foster home last night. Today I am going to meet my foster to adopt family!! Wish me luck!! I am having lots of fun right now hanging out with Merlin and "G". You might remember "G", he was adopted a while ago. Everyone says that he is getting really big and he still has lots of growing to do. I will be back again soon with another update once I meet my new foster to adopt family so keep watching! Bye for now! Hollywood