Below are details and photos of Great Danes currently seeking their forever home. It is important to note that sometimes not all of our dogs are listed here. So please feel free to Contact Us and we can advise of any additional dogs that are currently being evaluated or are in transit.


Hi my name is Skyler. I am a year and a half year old handsome boy. I just came into foster a few days ago and soon I will be available for adoption. I am a Dane/Mastiff cross. I am being assessed right now so keep watching for updates of me and my progress on when I will be available for adoption.


Hi folks, my name is Dallas. I am a 3-1/2 year old spayed, female Harlequin. I LOVE kids and people and I'm good with both cats and other dogs. I love to play dress up and go out on the town. People say I am lovely and sweet (yeah, I guess I kinda' have to agree with them). Please know I have been diagnosed with Addison's (an endocrine system disorder that occurs when the adrenal glands fail to produce enough hormones for normal function). All that said, I can be treated with meds and can live a relatively normal, active life. If you would like to keep up to date on all my activities, feel free to "like" GDA's Facebook page.


Hey there folks, my name is Titus. I am 8 years old and young at heart! I'm a Blue male who is good with kids, people, cats and dogs. I love to be with people. I'm blind in one eye but that doesn't stop me in the slightest! Please help me find my forever home. Will post a bio update soon!


Hi my name is Goose. I am about 1-1/2 years old. I came into Great Dane Angels just recently with my boyfriend Hunter. Everyone here thinks I am so beautiful and I love to give lots of kisses. They say I am a very tiny, dainty girl. I am going through assessment right now so watch for updates of my progress.


Howdy partner, my name is Rio! I am 6-years old. I am up to date on all of my shots and I am also neutered. People say I am a handsome boy (who am I to argue), I am tight bonding and love people. I lived with cats and a medium sized dog. I am also good with children. Last night I met The Magnetawan Monsters. I quickly integrated with them and enjoying my time outside and doing lots of exploring.


Hi everyone, my name is Bruce and I just became a part of the Great Dane Angels pack. I arrived at my fosters last night, and they didnt tell me they had chickens and goats...not to worry I'm warming up to them, they aren't as scary as I thought they were. Check me out with my foster brothers, and the new stompin' grounds. Keep watching for updates as GDA will be posting more pics and an updated bio soon once I'm properly assessed!


Hi, my name is Astro. I am approx. 2-years old, neutered male who is not only incredibly handsome, but I am also great on lead and have good recall. I am good with large dogs and curious of small dogs even though I get really excited with introductions. I am also curious of cats and get very excited when I meet them as well. I am very good with people. Because of my energy level they do not recommend me in a home with small children. If you are interested in me, please fill out an adoption application! Woof!!!!


Hi everyone! Piper here . . . I’m a five-month-old Mastiff/Dane cross, and I’m a lovely little girl, so everyone always tells me! I want to tell you about my very busy day yesterday. First, I met Shannon, and she introduced me to these very nice people, David and Pamela. Shannon told me that they are going to take care of me and give me lots of love. She called them my ‘foster family’. Then I went on a fun car ride (David let me navigate in the passenger seat) and when we got to their house, they showed me a lovely dog bed, and a whole box of toys to play with. Oh, and guess what? I have a foster brother! His name is Copper, and he is teaching me all kinds of stuff! He’s so fun to play with. 

So, I’m on a fabulous new adventure! I have to go now; Copper is waiting to show me his favourite toy, and go for a spin around the back yard. Stay tuned for more information about me, and about when I’ll be available for adoption!