At Great Dane Angels, we have been at the forefront of assessing, training and placing Great Danes into the right home to ensure the greatest degree of success.

Our Philosophy: Everyone deserves a second chance! 


Not every dog is right for every home. In addition to evaluating the dogs that come through our organization, we also assess the homes in which they may be placed. It is important to make sure that every Dane, regardless of age, size, gender and temperament, are ideally matched to you and your lifestyle. We want to make sure that every Dane is best suited to your family especially if you have children. Great Danes can be the biggest sweethearts and generally have a wonderful temperament. But, they are also very, large breed dogs that can exceed well over 130 pounds!

On intake, each Dane goes through a period of assessment, and if need be, rehabilitation. This is done either through one of our approved foster homes or with our "rehab pack". In some cases, rehabilitation involves temporarily placing a dog into a home environment to increase their socialization skills. The rehabilitation pack allows us to provide assistance to a greater number of Danes within our care and address any issues they may have prior to being adopted.

To our knowledge, we are the only Great Dane rescue organization that provides rehabilitation as part of the adoption process. And virtually no Dane will be turned away or euthanized. Every effort is made to accommodate their needs to increase their chances of a successful adoption. As well as behaviour modification, our process includes addressing their health needs when they arrive. We provide all essential veterinary care and ensure each dog is spayed, neutered and has their vaccinations.

Financially, our sole support comes from donations, adoption fees and occasional fund raising events. All of us at Great Dane Angels are 100% volunteers!

Rob Davis and his team at Great Dane Angels know the breed better than anyone. We have adopted several dogs from them and will no doubt adopt more in the years to come.
— Nigel Osborne & Krista Hiddema, Toronto, Ontario

What We've Achieved

  • We have rescued literally hundreds of Danes.
  • We have never euthanized a dog.
  • We have even taken in dogs from other rescue organizations.
  • We boast a very high success rate.
  • We have recently grown our foster network to help us bring in more dogs. 
  • We've recruited some of the most committed volunteers around.
  • We have over 30 years of combined rescuing and training experience.