He Really Was a 'Trooper'

Hello everyone, my name is Dave and I want to tell you about the greatest friend, greatest dog a family could ever have. You know him as "Trooper" but his real name was Atlas. 

It all started over a year ago when we had the absolute privilege and honour to go see about this dog Trooper (who from now on will be called Atlas) and the Magnetawan monsters. It was instant, we all fell in love with Atlas, from his lump to his actual goofy smile, to his kind loving eye, he was ours.

You see Atlas was an actual definite miracle. He suffered through 3 ½ years of abuse and neglect. He grew a tumor on his head the size of a grapefruit and had an eye removed. He shouldn’t have been alive let alone full of life. Yes, he was absolutely full of life. Even though he was mistreated and had every right to be miserable, he was full of joy and love. 

Let me pause in the story to tell you a bit about Atlas. He had this weird play growl and he snored like a freight train so loud in fact you had to turn up the T.V. He smiled and loved to run and tackle his fur brother Aero. He loved to hide in the dark and ambush Aero at night. He loved to play even though he could barely hold a toy in his mouth he wouldn’t give up. He loved to wiggle his whole body with excitement. He had constant gas and he loved to cuddle, not a good mix!

He loved water and loved to try and drag me into it! Steak and bacon were his favorite food and he would devour it and if you didn’t watch, the plate too. That was Atlas, he never gave up. He was determined to live and love as much as possible.

After all the tests, procedures and treatments, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE! It meant so much to us and to Atlas to know that many people cared, we learned there was nothing left to do but hope and love him and let him be a dog. Thank you Rob, Joanne and Sue your help, support and love meant so much. 

This is not a sad story, this is a story of inspiration of perseverance of love. Atlas lived his year full of life and energy, full of love. He fought to be a normal dog every day and he succeeded. He had a great year and I hope all his suffering and those who did it were forgotten. 

With deep deep sorrow we had to say goodbye to him last Friday but with great joy we know he is free. Free of pain and that tumour. It was so hard because if anyone deserved more time it was Atlas but the time he had I assure you was glorious. He is free now running and playing.
Goodbye my dear friend. We miss you so much!

Thank you all again very much for your prayers, well wishes and support. I know Atlas would give you all a big messy lick of thank you. 

This is Trooper signing off.