He Is As His Name Implies

His name is Trooper - and he certainly is! Trooper is a rescue and came into Great Dane Angels a few weeks prior to the date of this post.

Trooper has a mass on the right-side of his head, just over his right eye. We believe, and hope, that it is benign. Unfortunately, due to the encroachment to the socket, the right-eye had to be removed a while ago.

The Berdan family has generously offered to foster Trooper and help him through his medical assessment at Guelph Veterinary Hospital. Once it is determined exactly what his mass is and how best to manage it, Trooper will receive this treatment and eventually move on to a forever home.

We are all so grateful for all of the help Trooper is receiving from the Berdan's. We look forward to many updates on all of Trooper's adventures with his amazing foster family. Please keep watch on Great Dane Angel's Facebook page for updates on Trooper's progress.

If you would like to assist with Trooper's medical expenses, or if you just prefer to help Great Dane Angels rescue, foster and adopt out our dogs, please feel free to click on the "Donate" button below.

Many thanks!