Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Bear and Vinnie (aka Capone and Gotti), who came to us just a couple short months ago, suffer from a condition known as: cerebellar hypoplasia. 

While this affliction can not be cured, they can, however, lead a comfortable and happy lifestyle with a little help and understanding from all of us. With the steps their foster families have been taking and will continue to take, they will improve with stable surroundings and the efforts of their human companions.

When you watch some of the videos on our Facebook page of these two cuties and see the quick 'slap out motions' of their feet and legs, it's the muscles connected to their spines that tend to work more on instinct rather than the normal, voluntary directives from the brain. Regardless, their minds are all there - they know who you are and what they want. Each of them want that special bond with their human companions, are equally capable of love and affection and desire to be loved back.

Below are a couple of links that explain this condition in detail: