Below are details and photos of Great Danes currently seeking their forever home. It is important to note that sometimes not all of our dogs are listed here. So please feel free to Contact Us and we can advise of any additional dogs that are currently being evaluated or are in transit.


I have been waiting patiently for my forever home. I am in need of a rural home with lots of room to run. I'm not that fond of children. I am good with cats and dogs however. I am 2-1/2 years old and I am a Dane/Mastiff cross. I'm neutered and up to date on all of my shots. My foster dad has been working really hard with me on my manners and meeting people. I am a very tight bonding boy and love my people. With proper introductions thanks, to my foster dad, I am meeting people much better now.


Hi, my name is Max! I just came in to the Great Dane Angels foster system. I'm currently being assessed. Please watch for updates on me here and on GDA's Facebook page.


Hi my name is Mac. I am a Dane/Shepard cross. I am 3 years old and I am neutered and up to date on all of my shots. I am nervous and cautious but I calm down quickly. I'm extremely smart and get bored very easily. He likes to mouth and does not understand personal space and bounces with excitement. My foster family is working on that with me. I am great riding in the car but again my foster family is working on me when I try to get in the front seat with you. I love to eat and drink and will sing you a song of my people trying to get you to share food!


Hi there, my name is Wiser. I'm a 150lb Blue Merle, male and I'm just over a year old. I am great on lead, sit on command, love other dogs and kids and I'm a super snuggler! I am settling in nicely in my foster home and can't wait to meet more furry and human friends. Watch for new pictures and updates on me here and on Great Dane Angels Facebook page!


Hello everybody, my name is Morty! I am 4-year old male, neutered and up-to-date on all my shots. I am pretty good with cats and dogs and children. I am also very good with adults. I do tend to pull a little on lead, but that's because I'm so excited to go walk, so I'll need a little bit of work on that. I did just learn to do the stairs in my foster home and I'm now a pro (i.e. stair master). Please keep watching for updates of me on Great Dane Angels Facebook page!


Hello, my name is Daisy. I'm a 14 month old 'puppy' with lots of energy! I need lots of long walks and play time every day. I'm excellent with any person I meet including children and other dogs. Due to my rambunctiousness, I am learning to play better with smaller dogs and I'm learning this quite quickly. I am familiar with cats but I do like to chase them (I mean, who doesn't, right?). I have learned to sit, down, stay, wait at the top of the stairs until my foster family has come down the stairs first, to sit and wait for her food, and with a little help of a canny collar I am now walking beautifully beside whomever is walking me! My foster family is working on a little more advanced commands such as recall to the word 'come' and is starting to incorporate hand signals for sit, down and stay. I'm a very fast learner so advanced training will not be a problem. I loves to cuddle with my peeps but forget my size. So my foster family is working on it being ok for me to be beside them but not on them!